Kocaeli Tour

According to your requirements and wishes, we organize a private Kocaeli Tour for the city of Kocaeli, which has a beautiful day.

Hannibal Mausoleum, Eskihisar Castle, Seka Park, Pink Rocks, Maşukiye -Kartepe, Maşukiye Adventure Park, Kartepe Glass Terrace, Kerpe, Sapanca Lake, Darıca Tcg Hızır Reis Museum, Diligence Ship Museum and Ormanya are important historical and natural places to visit. We can organize programs where you can experience these beauties of Kocaeli.

Discover Kocaeli

Where Commerce and Industry Meet Culture and Tourisms

Kocaeli is known for its coasts on the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and its proximity to Istanbul. With its historical monuments, museums, mosques, natural beauties, beaches, plateaus and hiking trails, it has become a center of attraction. Kocaeli is a city of special importance in terms of trade, industry and tourism as well as many cultural values such as the world famous Hereke carpets, Karamuersel baskets and Kandıra fabrics. Kocaeli, which is known as the "Industrial Center of Turkey", has many tourist attractions with its 3,000-year-old history, its natural beauty, and the winter sports center in Kartepe. Kartepe, a habitat for nearly 3,000 plants, deer, bears, jackals, and rabbits, is suitable for hiking and trekking all year round.
Kocaeli has access to the Black Sea coast via the districts of Kandıra and Kerpe; worth seeing are the natural bays, shallow sea, and unique beaches of Kerpe. Kefken, which is only 20 kilometers away from Kandıra, is also a remarkable place with its sea, beaches, and pine forests. The Archeology and Ethnography Museum, which exhibits works from the Paleolithic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, and the museum of painter Osman Hamdi Bey in Darıca are museums that can be visited in Kocaeli.