Hollywood Cheek and Bichectomy Prices in Turkey

Hollywood Cheek and Bichectomy Prices in Turkey

What is a Bichectomy?

A bichectomy aesthetic application is a safe surgical procedure for both men and women. Cheek surgery applications that make a face look younger and better are prevalent nowadays. Cheek thinning aesthetics is an operation helping the face to have sharper lines by removing the excess fat through incisions performed inside the cheek.

How is a Bichectomy Performed in Turkey?

The operation known as cheek thinning aesthetics is generally considered an outpatient treatment. Under local anesthesia, the bichectomy procedure is performed by removing excess fat with the help of incisions opened from the inside of the cheek. Once a specialist removes the fat tissue, a suture is applied to the wound, and there is no possibility of scarring as it is inside the cheek. Bichectomy is an operation that can be applied to both cheeks. Unless a problem occurs, the procedure is usually completed within 45 minutes before the patient leaves.

Who Can Get a Bichectomy?

Bichectomy, or cheek surgery, is an aesthetic procedure that can be safely applied to anyone over 18, male or female. While specialist physicians consider everyone suitable for the application, specialists don’t recommend people over the age of 45 or very overweight to undergo the operation.

Which Points Should the Patient Consider Before a Bichectomy Surgery?

As with any operation, the patient should reduce alcohol and smoking before the procedure for a fast-healing process. If the patient takes aspirin or blood thinners, those should be withheld, and the patient must inform the specialist about the issue. Pregnant women or patients with different conditions should share their information with the specialist before the operation. The patient’s suitability for a safe operation needs to be determined. 

Which Points Should the Patient Consider After a Bichectomy Surgery?

Although the recovery time for each patient varies depending on the skin structure, generally, full recovery is within 14 days. As the first three days after the operation is essential due to bleeding, the patient should eat soft foods and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Following this operation, the patient’s cheekbones will be more prominent, and the facial features will have the desired appearance as a rapid recovery occurs.

What are the Advantages of Bichectomy?

Being a short-term procedure and not requiring hospitalization is one of the most significant advantages. Since no filling or prosthesis is used, the results are effective without any unevenness on the skin. The incision area is within the cheek, so the patient will not have any suture marks or scars. The recovery process is relatively fast, and since the physician performs it with local anesthesia, the operation does not involve the effects of anesthesia.

The Results of a Bichectomy Operation

Since it is a short-term outpatient treatment and the recovery is quick, it allows the patient to return to their daily life immediately. While the risk of infection is relatively low, with regular use of antibiotics and proper oral care, the patient can go through the process smoothly. The patient may experience swelling in the facial area after the operation. Such swelling is temporary and typical. In summer, specialists recommend sunscreen and avoiding heavy activities for the first five days.

Is Hollywood Cheek Aesthetics Performed with Bichectomy Surgery?

Hollywood cheek aesthetics is a different application than a bichectomy operation. While in a bichectomy process, only the cheek area is generally intervened; however, in cheek aesthetic applications, there is an intervention on the whole face. In Hollywood cheek aesthetic applications, the intervention is in the cheek and chin area, and the fat taken is higher than in the other.

Potential Risk Factors After a Bichectomy Surgery

Risks that may be seen in any aesthetic treatment may also be seen in it. In cheekthinning applications, a specialist in a proper environment must perform the procedures. Potential risk factors in a wrong application are facial paralysis, nerve damage or permanent damage. Besides such factors, bleeding, infection, hematoma, injury in the tongue area, numbness, re-surgery, and endless pain may occur. It is, therefore, essential to discuss all risk factors and get information about the process in advance. Patients paying attention to oral care before and after the operation is one factor in minimizing any infection risk.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of a Bichectomy?

Knowing the risk factors during the operation and thus deciding on them is crucial. Overall, we can say that the procedure has no harmful effects. There are risk factors, as in any operation, and infection risk is the most common. Therefore, the patient following the rules, taking regular care, and choosing an experienced and specialized physician is enough to eliminate the harm. The most crucial factor is the physician’s expertise and the patient’s compliance with the rules.

Prices for Hollywood Cheek and Bichectomy in Turkey 2023

If you wish to undergo bichectomy surgery, you should consult a specialist physician beforehand to determine eligibility. You should learn before and after the process and get clear price information. You should first determine the factors affecting the prices and decide on the process only after learning the costs. The general condition of the patient, the experience of the specialist physician, the location of the center where the operations will be performed, the duration of the process and the additional functions to the procedures performed are the factors that determine the prices of the operation. The patient should first consult with a specialist physician to determine such factors.

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