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What is Hollywood Smile (Smile Design), and How is It Done in Turkey?

The role of smiling in our lives is more crucial than we realize. A free smile lowers the stress hormone. Reduced stress hormone reduces the risk of heart attack, stimulates the growth hormone, and even regulates blood flow. Limiting one’s smile with the idea that it looks physically impaired is a serious problem. However, this problem comes with a solution. Smile design (Hollywood Smile) is made specifically for each individual. Even though it pursues aesthetic purposes, its function should not be ignored during the treatment. Having a successful smile design helps you laugh freely. Being able to laugh freely allows you to behave more confidently in your social life. Smiling also has many scientifically proven benefits. A customized smile design can help you to achieve these benefits. 

What is the smile design?

The smile design application is a customized design based on ideal aesthetic proportions (golden ratio). It is important to remember that smile design is personalized and differs for each patient. Facial proportions, eye color, skin color, age, personal expectations, and social status determine smile design. The physician must evaluate all of these factors and choose by assessing them through the patient’s expectation filter without harming function and health. The important thing in constructing the right smile design is to determine the patient’s expectations and fully express them to the physician. The first rule that should not be overlooked in aesthetic dentistry is that this aesthetic treatment should not harm the adjacent tissues’ function and health without going beyond physiology’s limits. In this regard, the physician should not harm the patient by preparing a realistic treatment plan. Patient who knows the limits of their treatment should start with the awareness of the conditions and proceed with follow-up treatment in the upcoming periods. 

How is the Hollywood smile design done in Turkey?

Nowadays, customized smile design can be done in two different forms: digital and analog. For the digital smile design, detailed photographs of the person are taken, and the smile is created on the picture through specific programs. In analog, a smile design is done directly or indirectly. A model is made using the white wax technique on silicone or a digital impression taken from the patient in the indirect method. At the following appointment, this design is transferred to the mouth. In the direct method, the physician adds filling material directly on the teeth in the mouth according to the patient’s expectations from the smile design. The primary purpose of all methods is to see the limitations of the treatment before the treatment begins and to plan the ideal smile design accordingly. There are very successful hospitals and clinics that apply smile design in Turkey. Contact us to get a free doctor consultation.

Is the Hollywood smile design permanent?

Different materials can make a smile design. Depending on the material used, the material’s physical properties can change the smile design’s lifespan. A standard smile design made with composite laminates, for example, has a shorter lifespan in terms of average values compared to the lifespan of porcelain laminates because the material’s abrasion resistance is lower than the abrasion resistance of the porcelain laminate. This can cause the surface to wear down and lose its smoothness and coloration. Another critical factor is that the oral care of the person determines the lifespan of a personalized smile design. The smile design is permanent for patients with high oral hygiene awareness who do not neglect regular check-ups. In the following periods, gum problems (bleeding, recession, etc.), trauma to the teeth, or tooth decay due to inadequate oral hygiene shorten the life of the smile design. 

What are the prices for Hollywood smile designs in Turkey?

While applying personalized smile design, the physician may use different tools & methods. This means that the treatment fee varies from person to person. For detailed information and prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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